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Jess' Services

*Jess charges an hourly all-inclusive, gratuity free,
price of $100 per hour*

Below are the booking options broken down 


1 Hour Service

This custom option is where you go for the haircuts, toners, treatments. This option includes a Shampoo and Blowdry.


This custom blonding option is a 2 hour appointment. This could include signature foil placement to help you reach your hair goals and making the most impact, this could be an allover color, or this could include a root tap, smudge, or drop root. This includes a haircut, blowdry, style, and travel size products


 2 Hour Service

Windblown hair looking at the sea
Blonde haired girl looking down

 3 Hour Service

This is a full head custom application service. Includes a full paint balayage, full foils, or babylights. Includes any toning , haircut, blowdry, style, and travel size products


4 Hour Service
*The Whole She-Bang*

lived in blonde hair woman sitting on table drinking two glasses of wine
blonde woman standing between door frame

This is it! The Everest of hair appointments. This 4 hour appointment covers Balayage, Babylights, Highlights, Root Smudge, Drop Root. Basically, anything Pinterest can throw at me. This option includes any needed toning, a haircut, blowdry, style, and travel size products


6 women standing together with gorgeous hair

Color Corrections

So. You did a thing. The color isle at Target was calling your name and you couldn't resist. I get it and there's no judging here. 

But listen, getting back to that pretty balayaged blonde or ashy white blonde you had during the summer is not going to be easy or cheap. The safety and health of your hair is my top priority. What good is blonde hair if you only have two strands left? This will most likely be broken down into multiple appointments or if you're in it for the long haul can go anywhere from 5-8 hours. Please email me a photo of what your hair is now and what the goal is and we can go from there. 

$100/ per hour

*Email consultation required for booking


Oh lordt, Here we go my little Unicorn.

This option is for the shiny sparkles in the room that want the pink, purple, blue, green, silver, white and all of the above. This option could take 2-8 hours, it just depends if your hair is going to be my friend our not. 

$100/ per hour

*Email consultation required for booking

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