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Image by Sarah Dorweiler

Welcome to the future of Salons

*Are you ready for the next phase in your career and to be on the forefront of where our industry is going?

*Are you ready for the freedom and flexibility of booth rent with the stability and support of commission?

*Are you ready to be surrounded by like-minded artists who value personal growth and leadership, who can coach you to find fulfilment in your life and career?

*If so, we really want to talk to you.


*Let us know when it’s a good time to hang out and chat

  • unlimited time off

  • set your own hours

  • schedule your own clients

  • coaching opportunities

  • no benchmarks

  • no non-compete contracts

  • set your own price

  • open door policy

    -work here, work there, work anywhere, whenever 

  • education & support

  • no retail sales

  • be treated and paid like an Artist and not a service provider



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