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Cathleens' Services

Partial Blonding Service

This option is for blondies who need a refresh or for someone looking to add dimension to your already existing color.

This includes a haircut, blowdry and style.

This is for 2 ounces of color or 1 scoop of lightener. Extra Bowls may occur.


Blonding Service

This is a full head application service. Includes a full paint balayage, full foils, babylights. Includes any toning , haircut, blowdry and style. This includes 1 bowl of color or lightener. Extra Bowls may be required. 


*Cathleen charges an all inclusive $50 per hour. Below is the pricing breakdown

Haircut & Treatment

This one is not too tricky to figure out, but I do have options for the treatments! You can choose an amazing deep conditioning treatment or a smoothing treatment. There is also an option to upgrade to an Olaplex treatment for damaged hair. 


Image by Jack B
Image by Courtney Cook

The Whole She-Bang

This is it! The Everest of hair appointments. This 4 hour appointment covers Balayage, Babylights, Highlights, Root Smudge, Drop Root. Basically, anything Pinterest can throw at me. This option includes any needed toning, a haircut, blowdry and style.


Allover Color

What if Im not a blonde? Don't worry friend, this one step color option is just for you. For when you want some more shine for your brunette or to go embrace the dark side and head darker! This includes a Haircut, blowdry and style. 

* May require more product and an extra fee may incur.


Image by Tuyen Vo
Image by Jason Yoder
Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Valerie Elash

Color Refresh

Hey Girl, Your Wisdom Sparkles Are Showing!

Don't worry, I got this. This option is for the root coverage that everyone needs!

This includes a haircut, blowdry, style.

*Pricing applys for 1.5 inches of outgrowth, anything further may require more product.


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