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Welcome New Friend.


So. You're New. That's terrifying!

Will she know what she's doing? Will she be easy to talk to? Will she have snacks? Will she talk about Tacos and Margaritas too much? 

It's basically a yes to all of this!

If you are a new color guest and have no idea what to schedule, I have a new guest color selection on my online booking menu. 

Please expect a thorough consultation to really understand what are looking to accomplish in this appointment. We will discuss all your hair goals, previous history, and what is going to happen during your current visit. 

I also like to discuss what you should schedule for next time if you don't choose to do so at your current appointment. 

I like to try and make the "trying out the new hairstylist experience" as painless as possible and if you are still are on the fence or have nerves, then I have Whiskey!

Here's a Step by Step process for making your booking experience easy peasy lemon squeezy.

If you would like guidance before jumping into step one please fill out this form, so we can better direct you

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Create an Account.

Yes, another account. With this account you can edit and reserve your appointment, you will get all the notifications and friendly reminders about your upcoming appointments. And should  something change, you can edit your appointment right there.

Choose your Person.

At Beauty and Whiskey, you have options. While our team is constantly growing and evolving, we have someone that always fits your goals and beauty budget.

Choose Your Service.

This one's kind of easy. Choose an option that best suits your hair goal picture. And if you have no idea, choose the New Client Option and we can hash it out together, with a thorough consultation complete with a plan for your future visits.

Step 4
Step 5

Choose your Day.


This day is all about you remember, so choose a day that best fits your schedule. One where we wont be rushed and we can have so much fun pampering you.

This is the fun one! Come on in! Find door number 1 under the Fast Signs and Cake and Bake Sign, we are the suite on the left, just follow the music and blowdryers.

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