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How to prep for your Bridal Preview

So, you've decided on your Bridal Hair and Makeup People! You think? Deciding on the glam squad can be a nerve-wracking decision to make. Any vendor you choose should make you feel very comfortable with your decision.

Once the ink on the contract has dried, start talking about a Bridal Preview. It will already be at the forefront of your Artists brain. Believe me! This is just as nerve-wracking for us too. Here's what you need to do. Start the deep dive into Pinterest. You know Pinterest, right? Every DIY Brides dream/nightmare. Look for complexions that match yours, makeup looks that fit your wedding day vibe, match your dress, or some that you plain just are in love with. We love examples of what you're thinking and believe me, we have many skills, but mind reading is not one of them. Unfortunately. Your Makeup Artist will go over what looks best for your skin tone and really narrow down what you are trying to convey.

Your Hair Preview will be a lot of the same. Come with all the ideas! We love to show you what will work best for your vision. That's kinda the best part! We want to know about the colors' and the bridesmaid dresses and your grandmothers pin that you're carrying in your flowers. All of those little touches give us a small glimpse into what you are like and what you could want.

Be prepared. If you are not coming into the Preview with 10lbs of hair, extensions are going to be the best route for you. But you don't have to break the bank or commit to an every 6–8-week appointment. Clip in extensions is always an option and honestly, if you're only looking at them for the big day, the best budget friendly option. And of course, the DISCLAIMER. We love Pinterest, but most every photo you see is part of a staged Bridal Shoot and those hair and makeup photos are most likely photoshopped. But don't be discouraged! They still give us a good starting point!

I know every Hair and Makeup Artist in the world, ever, would want me to add that you should come to the appointment with clean and dry hair and a clean makeup free face. Keep in mind, whoever you choose, lean on them. They have all the tricks and tools at their fingertips.

Congratulations Bride and Happy Planning xo

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